A level Creation Tool for ‘Fall Guys’ will Arrive on May 10th

A level Creation Tool for 'Fall Guys' will Arrive on May 10th

The original battle royale platformer Fall Guys has added new gameplay elements and has been released on additional platforms. Now, the developers are including a full-fledged level editor.

Fall Guys Creative will be released on May 10 as part of Season 4 of the viral multiplayer game Fall Guys. The level editor enables the creation of legitimate multiplayer courses (called Rounds) utilising a vast assortment of recognisable items, adversaries, and obstacles. Mediatonic encourages participants to utilise the tools to “finally create the Round of your dreams.”

Once you have created a level and tested it, you can share it with friends via a private lobby or with the entire community. The developer says they will also curate compilations of their favourite player-created levels to increase their popularity, housing them within the Show Selector’s Playlists tab.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of these creation tools, Mediatonic is releasing over 50 new Rounds designed by professional creators using the arsenal available to regular users. This seems comparable to how Super Mario Maker 2 handled its numerous tutorial levels. You will receive 20 levels on May 10, with the remaining levels released throughout the season.

Season 4 is about more than just the level editor, although that is the most significant new feature. New items and costumes, including cool-looking low-polygon attire, will also be available for purchase. Mediatonic also hints at future collaborations but has provided no specifics. This probably refers to brand-new costumes. The game has previously featured costumes inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, Doom, Ghost of Tsushima, and other well-known games.

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