Fun88 Review India’21 – Claim 130% Bonus up to ₹30k on Slots

Fun88 is giving loads of fun online gaming! Simultaneously, it provides promos & prizes daily. Indeed, this is the best gambling website to follow! Because when it comes to online gambling, many options align and manifest. So, passionate gamblers decide which online gaming platform they should play. If we would suggest, go for it! No more deciding to switch online casinos or play in a rather new platform because Fun88 got you!

Fun88: Fun and Lucky Website for Online Gambling

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If you are new to online gambling and sports betting, or a veteran looking for a new site to place your wagers on, there is always a ton of online casinos that will provide you with that. However, if you are the type of online gambler who wishes to bet on sports leagues more than play on live casino tables and slot games, then probably, it is the perfect place for you.

Experience top-notch quality gambling on your favorite sports teams and sports leagues anytime and anywhere as it has its own mobile app to give players convenience and immediate accessibility! Plus, it gives away a 130% bonus up to ₹30,000 on slots and a 200% bonus up to ₹5,000 on Sportsbook!

Discover how Fun88 is the right online gambling website for you and make the best out of your online gambling experience by reading these additional four reasons why you should register and play on this top casino 2021!

4 Reasons to Register for Membership at Fun88

Yes, aside from online betting, here are the best reasons to gamble here!


Fun88 Review: Claim 130% Bonus up to ₹5,000 on Slots

it is a highly regarded online gambling platform, with superb betting tools, games, and a variety of sports to try your luck on, questioning its credibility is unnecessary.

it caters to exclusive members-only who have managed to register for a private gaming account with nothing but valid information. This highly regarded online casino is DMCA protected and practices and promotes responsible gambling among its users. Partnering banks are all credible and encoded into a high-security system that gives players the comfort of knowing that their information and banking details are safe in good hands.

Customer Service

Another pro to find in Fun88 is their highly attentive and easily accessible customer service support. Members or aspiring Fun88 members can send in their queries and direct their questions to Fun88’s customer service on live chat where they will be entertained and responded to by customer service representatives from Fun88’s CS headquarters.

The representative is often available and is helpful and direct in addressing customer concerns, as well as providing them with useful links and tips to get your needs met. Members can also contact Customer Support via any of the following modes.

  • Live Chat: 24/7 via website
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +46 76692 3592
  • Hotline number: (+91) 20 5032 3347
  • Telegram:


Avid sports fans and sportsbook enthusiasts would not have to make their way to the land-based casinos. But instead, log onto their Fun88 account and bet on their favorite teams and leagues on four various platforms.

These sportsbook games include Fun88 sports, CMD sports, Im sports, and IBC sports for those who are rather particular and precise on which odds and which tournaments to bet on. Fun88 totally gives its members the room to make their own decisions and place wagers on which playing and betting platform best suits their needs.

Mobile friendly App

fun88-review 04
For Android Users
fun88-review 05
For IOS Users

One of the best things about sports betting is the instant wins and easy access people get online. Imagine getting this on your mobile phone for times you’re just waiting and wondering how to make good money, and thus the birth of the Fun88 mobile app.

This new app is routinely optimized for iOS users, and Android users on a daily and allows players to place bets on their favorite games, teams, and access their live table prompts right from their mobile device. Superb convenience and optimal access await every registered player, just a bar code away.

Fun Times at Fun88!

Lynk88 already listed the top four reasons as to why you should spend your time and money in Fun88 and it is not exactly a surprise that it is one of the best and biggest competitions of other online casinos! Invest your time and money well and find the right online gambling platform to spend some leisure time here!

A place that gives you a credible reputation, mobile accessibility, user-friendliness, and the best customer service that is suited for every type of gambler out there. Start or continue your betting experience right and sign up at Fun88 today to know what works best for your betting needs.

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