W88 Fish Prawn Crab: Play & Earn Double – Bet ₹1k & Win ₹2k

Fish Prawn Crab online is a no-brainer game to play in leisure time. Play now to bet ₹1k & win ₹2k. Newbies can try for free at W88 without funding real money.

What is the W88 Fish Prawn Crab dice game?

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Hoo Hey How, commonly known as Fish Prawn Crab, is a Chinese dice game that can be played in both online and real Asian casinos. The game is quite similar to another popular Chinese dice game called Sic Bo, which is played in casinos all over the world. In the classic version of Fish Prawn Crab, three dice with six sides are used, but instead of numbers, each side has six characters. The main ones are Fish, prawn, and crab that you can easily guess, along with them there are Stag or Coin, Gourd, and Rooster. According to the online gambling industry, Fish Crab Prawn is the best game to play in leisure time.

About the W88 Fish Prawn Crab table and its payouts

Before reading how to play fish prawn crab it is necessary to understand the fish prawn crab table and their payouts.
The table consists of 6 squares and 1 rectangle. The squares consist of 6 different characters mentioned above. And rectangle consists of any triplets. Players can bet on one or more squares or rectangles.

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  • If you bet on any of the squares and if only one character is matched with the die then your stake is multiplied by 2.
  • If your bet matched a double then x3.5.
  • If you have a triple, then you will get x6.
  • And if you were fortunate enough to match any triple, your wager would be doubled by 34.80.

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How to play Fish Prawn Crab Online?

The goal of the Fish Prawn Crab online game is to get a minimum of one matched symbol from the three dice rolled in the bowl by the dealer. A win is guaranteed if any of the three dice symbols match with the bets you placed. And the reward is determined by the number of characters that the player matches on the dice. Continue reading to understand how to play fish prawn crab online.

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Players begin the Fish Prawn Crab online game by placing bets on the table. The dealer keeps the dice covered inside the bowl and waits for the players to place their bets.
Players are given 20 seconds to place their bets on squares or rectangles. Once the time is up, the dealer jiggles the bowl and then reveals the dice.

Lynk88-fish prawn crab 04
Once the results are declared, the players receive their cash prize if they win. The results can be single, double, triple, or none.
Then a new round begins. The bets placed on “Any triplet” are considered the highest payout of the game. Since it is the most difficult choice to make in this game.

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Lynk88-fish prawn crab 05

Here, in this game, the results are 1 Rooster and 2 crabs. If you had placed bets on rooster then you would win x2 and if you had placed bets on crab then you would win x3.5 since it’s a double.
For example: If you placed 1000 on Rooster then you will get back 2000. And if you place 1000 on crab then you will win 3500 since it’s double.

4 Basic Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game Rules

  1. Bets must be placed within 20 seconds else your bets won’t be accepted.
  2. Do not forget to click on the “Confirm” tab after placing the bets.
  3. You can place bets on one or more squares or rectangles.
  4. Players can undo, reset or rebet anytime during the game.


Fish prawn crab dice game is an easy peasy fun game to play in your free time. It’s very simple to understand and play, so even beginners can play this game without difficulty. Beginners can also try this game for free before playing for real money. It’s a very tempting game since the payouts are huge. Keep an eye on your bankroll and enjoy playing!