How to play W88 Lottery online: Win cash up to ₹2k per round

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What is the lottery online?

A lottery is a game with pre-set phrases in which a user buys a “ticket” comprising random numbers, which is then met upon the result for a winning chance of a cash bonus or other stuff. Alternatively, a lottery is a sort of gambling via lucky numbers.


  • Now, players can buy lottery online tickets quickly with a few clicks at home and check lottery results and news via desktop or mobile devices having a high-speed internet connection.
  • A lottery is an unpredictable, high-risk, and least complex betting game of all live casino games like sportsbook betting Baccarat, Poker, or online slot games.
  • The article will explain the instructions to join in playing the latest lottery online at W88 that players must not neglect.

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3 Steps guide on How to play the lottery online at W88

Follow these 3 active and straightforward steps if you wish to try your luck by playing the W88 lottery!

Step 1: Access the official W88 website and Login into your account


  • The first thing you need to do is, go to the official website of W88.
  • If you’re an existing member of the W88, then simply insert your correct username and password to login to play the lottery. Otherwise, register yourself at W88, and begin your fun journey playing lottery online, followed by depositing money to your account.

Step 2: Locate lottery and choose W Keno


  • W88 site offers various types of lottery online. Players can pick any game they wish to participate in.
  • The most recommended type of lottery is W Keno.
  • Click on the play button to enter into the game.

Step 3: Place a bet to get started playing W Keno Lottery online gaming


  • Accessible gaming, you need to decide 4 to 8 numbers from typically 80 digits at Keno, same as the other e-lottos, you must predict the results to become a smooth winner!
  • Keno is a lottery game including 20 numbered balls extracted randomly from 80 numbered balls from 01 to 80.
  • All bets can be put on all bets like Small, Big, Even, Odd, Etc.
  • Specific form to play the Keno lottery online has a separate winning rule, depending on the player’s choice that determines the most suitable bet genre.
  • Gambling via lottery Keno is genuinely a quick play in short or at least 60 seconds only with clear wins!
  • Participate in the lottery online game now and witness how each minute becomes full of fun and non-stop betting!

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Expectedly the article can clarify what lottery online is and how to play the online lottery at W88 in detail. Indeed, while registering at W88, players will get rich pleasure times and have the chance to win huge amounts of money.