Guide to play Sic Bo online real money & Win cash up to ₹15k

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Discover Playing Sic Bo online real money in India

Sic Bo is one of the most famous dice games in Asia and instantly becomes well-known in the online casino business. Thanks to the approach of top-notch Indian online casinos, it is more than likely to bet on the game Sic Bo online real money.

Identify the best Sic Bo online real money to play in India

There are plenty of faultless Indian online casino sites that offer playing Sic Bo online real money! All that is required here is a steady internet connection and a reliable computer or a mobile device. Online gambling site, Lynk88 has analyzed each one of certain online casinos and can verify for them. Here is what you require to do.

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Choose a casino of your favorite from the best of 3 mentioned below, ensure to read the reviews!

  • Signup by creating an account. The process is straightforward
  • Deposit money into your account by applying any of the available choices
  • Finally, do not forget to benefit from the operator’s bonus, that’s free cash!
  • Now the fun element is to go to the live casino section and find Sic Bo. Choose a table, and you are safe to go.


Fun88 Sic Bo is also known as high and low betting. It is a traditional game that has classical roots in China. It is packaged as a conventional product of Fun88 by predicting the dice based on the total score or the bet. There’s also a promotion for new members to earn a 130% welcome bonus of up to ₹3500 on Sic Bo online real money.


W88 Sic Bo online real money, also identified as Hi-Lo, is a high and low bet that you can be assured that many people desire to play Sic Bo online real money, which is, Taoism can generate excitement a payout rate of 1.90%. It also offers Free credits of ₹300 on a live casino for new members.


New choices for bettors from Happyluke to pursue a desire with online dice, a popular gambling game Sic Bo online real money that runs a long way globally, developed well. Can play by the browser without peeping. There are more different betting techniques than traditional ones, and when you win the dice, You can also see every bit the dice are shaken through the clear glass jars.

Playing Sic Bo online real money in India – Virtual or Live

Various advanced online casinos in India enable players to play Sic Bo real money in two forms, virtual or live. In the first instance, you will be playing with the system; the software itself will do everything. Virtual Sic Bo will have no sort of player communication. It is rather one-dimensional.

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Sic Bo live streaming is a lot more extra fun. A sexy live dealer on the opposite front of the screen who’ll be doing her enough to give it an enjoyable, exciting wagering experience! You get the feeling of standing in a real casino and all the fun that comes with it. If you are curious about exploring these live streaming casino games, we have a whole segment assigned to it.


Coming back to Sic Bo online real money, the best approach to enjoy is by actually betting on it. It is an engaging method to access the world of online casinos and recognize all the games that come in it. Many Indian casino platforms permit you to bet on the game with Indian Rupees! They process deposits and withdrawals instantly, empowering a hassle-free betting adventure!