How to play W88 Thor Game Online 2021: Dynamic odds & Bonus

Learn how to play the most adventurous W88 Thor Game Online. Engaging game with very simple rules and betting types. Begin playing and win amazing cash prizes. 

According to online gambling sites, W88 is recognized as a “paradise” among the most popular betting and redeem games. Among many of the games available, the Thor game is the most intriguing in the W88 house’s game category. Thor W88 is known for its beautiful graphics, appealing content, clear rules, and generous awards. Have you tried your hand at playing this game? If not, please read the article below and sign up right away.

Brief about the W88 Thor game!

Lynk88-Thor Game 01

The God of Thunder is another name for Thor Game. This is a pretty entertaining betting game that many individuals at W88 like. Thor online is an arcade game with 12 character icons and three side bets. Place a wager on one or more of the 12 symbols to play. Each draw will yield a certain symbol. If a member’s bet matches the outcome, they win. Members can win extra on fight modes enabled during the draw in addition to winning on the selected symbol.

3 easy steps on how to play W88 Thor Game

To take part in Thor Game Online at the W88 house, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Log in to your W88 account

  • Do you already have an account at W88? If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and click “register” and complete the instructions.
  • You can easily join the W88 after registering by clicking the “Login” button.

Step 2: Select Thor from the Game section

  • Please go to the Game section of the navigation bar to play the quickest Thor game. 
  • Following that, Thor Game will be part of a series of games in this category. 
  • To begin the game, click Thor Game.

Step 3: Begin playing your chosen Thor Game

Lynk88-Thor Game 02

  • The player chooses the chips that correspond to the bet denomination. Put chips in it if you wish to wager on any character for which character.
  • A light will go around the tiles when the game begins.
  • The boss reels will begin spinning. A Battle Mode is unlocked if the boss reels stop with identical faces! Members will have the opportunity to fight the boss of their choice.
  • A bonus will be given if Thor wins the combat.
  • On a tile, the light will come to a halt.
  • If a person bets on this tile, he or she wins!
  • A symbol will appear after the side bet reel. If the player bets on the correct symbol, he or she will receive the side bet award!

Types of Bets 

Players must grasp the game’s bets to participate in W88 Thor betting and win enticing rewards. Only then will you be able to access the game fast, master it, and boost your chances of winning.

Main Bet

The main bet is a form of a bet with a symbolic face that is distinctive from the rest. Each bet type has a face depicting one of the four characters and one of three colors (Green, Yellow, Red).

Lynk88-Thor Game 03

Each character is given a chance. After one flip open, the probability of each of these characters will be varied and modified meaning every time a new number is drawn, the odds alter. 

Side Bets

Players at Thor W88 are allowed to wager on a variety of side bets. These are the entrances:

  • Player: The house door has an x2 multiplier.
  • Banker: Player door with odds of x2.
  • Tie: The odds of a tie are x8.

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Battle modes Game Thor

There are two methods to begin the battle mode in the game Thor W88. 

  1. Only one of the same face is used to terminate the boss reels.
  2. In the conflict zones, Logit will come to stop at one point. In-Game Thor, the battlegrounds can be caves or portals.

Boss Reels

During the draw, the reels will come to a halt. A Battle will be launched when the two reels conclude in matching boss symbols. If you defeat the boss, you will receive a bonus. Finally, the player’s bonus will be produced at random. 

Lynk88-Thor Game 04

There are three bosses to mention in Thor W88:

  1. Giant ogre.
  2. Devil girl.
  3. Dark Lord.

Giant Ogre 

Bonus SymbolBonus NameDescription
Lynk88-Thor Game 07Blinding LightAnother tile with highest odds  lights up
Lynk88-Thor Game 08Mystic Energy BlastAnother tile of same character lights up
Lynk88-Thor Game 09Special 1Next tile lights up
Lynk88-Thor Game 10Lucky 2Next 2 tiles lights up
Lynk88-Thor Game 11Lightening OverrunLights up 1 to 3 tiles

Devil Girl

Bonus SymbolBonus NameDescription
Lynk88-Thor Game 12Power 3Lights up the next 3 tiles
Lynk88-Thor Game 13Great ThunderstormLights up 4 tiles in each direction – north, south, east, west
Lynk88-Thor Game 14Hammer SmashLights up one of each of the 4 characters in the same color.
Lynk88-Thor Game 15All [Character face]Lights up character in all three colors.
Lynk88-Thor Game 16All RedLights up all characters in red.
Lynk88-Thor Game 17All YellowLights up all characters in Yellow.
Lynk88-Thor Game 18All GreenLights up all characters in Green.

Dark Lord

Bonus SymbolBonus NameDescription
Lynk88-Thor Game 19Ultimate God BlastLight up ALL tiles

Battle Zone

When the light source shines on a battle zone in the game. Then this location will be turned into a battleground very soon. When the boss is defeated inside the fight zone, you will receive a bonus.

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W88 Thor Game Online is the most fascinating game and action-based game. Beautiful graphics, attractive content, straightforward rules, and massive payouts are all highlights of Thor W88. You can play this game on your android/iOS devices. Now that you have understood pretty much everything about Thor Game, it’s time to put them into action. Join W88 and start playing!