W88 Live Casino: Score Big at A Game of Sic bo

When making the most out of your live casino gambling experience online, it’s not a loss when someone makes their way to W88’s live casino games. Filled with dazzling new products, a full selection of games, and a variety of ways to play, whether on trial mode, with real money, or on the w88 mobile app, there’s a way to enjoy the games at w88 with no sweat or worries whatsoever.

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One of the best and most played games on w88 live casino is sic bo. It’s an engaging live casino table game with an interactive experience where a live dealer and other w88 players are engaged in every round. Playing sic bo in w88 is a great chance to try your luck in betting on combination numbers.

This game’s objective is rather simple, players just have to bet on where he dice will fall, whether it’s on big, small, odd, even, or combination bets, wins will be dictated on random and will depend on what the dealer will pick up on.

Types of Bets

There are four types of bets to make in sic bo: big or small bets, odd or even bets, single number bets, and combination bets. Big and small bets can be seen in the upper left and right most corner of the table. Odd bets are on the right of small bets, and even bets are on the left of the big bets both on opposite corners of the sic bo table.

Single number bets are the row of numbers 4-17 above the combination bets. Combination bets are on the bottom-most part of the table where one, two, three, four, five, and six are located for those who wish to up their stakes a bit and bet on several numbers at a time.

Go Sicbo!

Sicbo has been played all over the world, in live casinos in Las Vegas or Macao, table games at home, and online, it’s been a game that’s enjoyed by many gamblers and avid chance players. Playing sic bo in w88 will give players the chance to pick their preferred betting range and how much they wish to play on the live casino game.

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