Android Users Will Wait Less For New Features Thanks to Discord’s Revamped App

Android users will wait less for new features thanks to Discord's revamped app

Discord has started releasing an updated Android version that fixes one of the most common issues with the program. If you keep up with the firm, you’ve certainly seen that it frequently announces new features only to mention that they would debut on desktop and iOS first before coming to Google’s operating system. With the recent introduction of Server Profiles, we witnessed that. That is reportedly soon to be history, according to Discord.

According to the business, React Native was recently used to rebuild its Android app. Since Meta released React as open source in 2015, Discord has used the framework for iOS development. The business claims that as the two Discord mobile applications now share a same core, Android users may anticipate feature consistency.

The business also claims that Discord users would have a more uniform user experience across platforms. For instance, the Android app will have a default font size that is larger and more in line with the iOS version of the program. Discord expects releasing next upgrades more quickly.

“As Discord continues to grow across platforms, we want to find ways to support you and your communities as quickly and efficiently as possible, regardless of which device or platform you happen to be using,” the company said.

“Utilizing React Native across every mobile platform Discord is on is just one of the tools that helps us support what you do, and we can’t wait to show you how.”

The business said the updated version of Discord will be available for Android users who already have the software loaded on their phone in the upcoming weeks.

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