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Lynk88 provides India’s best 5 online casinos in 2021, Fun88, 1XBet, W88, 188Bet & HappyLuke! Not just that, it offers ₹300 free credit to help you level up your game better! Such wow!

So if you are looking for an all-stop online website about online gambling 2021? Blessed are you, you arrived in the holy grail of online gambling games, online gambling websites, online gambling reviews—as in all about online gambling 2021 that would answer all your questions in mind!

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6 Best Online Gambling Sites Real Money

Searching for online gambling sites real money? Kickstart your online gambling experience and its partner websites: Fun88, 1XBet, W88, 188Bet & HappyLuke! Playing through these websites, this place assures you that real money can be brought home. Seems legit because they are!

Fun88 is, of course, a fun plus reliable online gambling platform that serves players the best games and superb entertainment. From baccarat live casino table tournaments to useful betting tips, as well as hacks to use when placing wagers, Fun88 is a useful and favorable online gambling website to go to for your betting needs. It has amazing customer service and promotions that members can take full advantage of, too.

1xBet gives one million times of reasons why it is one of the best online gambling websites ever! It is the best when it comes to lives, matches, and sports betting! With its vast and diverse games that are accessible by most countries around the world, 1xBet proves it is part of the Top Casino 2021. Moreover, it has various promotions and bonuses from cashback, freerolls, spins, and more!

India’s number one online gambling casino, W88 brings convenience, variety, and security with the several games available—from sportsbook to poker, live casinos, slot games, and the like. Indeed, there is something to play for every type of gambler at W88! W88’s top-notch 24/7 customer service and flexible payment options make every beginner’s experience a convenient and hassle-free transaction here as well.

188BET is one of the most sought after online gambling platforms in Asia. With a great selection of gaming products for registered members, decked with new promotions and rebates every week, both newbies and pro gamblers ought to have a great time betting on 188BET’s promising slot games, live casino tables, and even on their favorite sports leagues in 188BET sportsbook.

HappyLuke thrives in its supreme layout interface and easy online gambling games that are accessible by all players around the world. HappyLuke gives players a selection of high payout slot games and sportsbook options for avid gamblers. Welcome bonuses are up to 125%. Truly, with these promos available upon registration, gamers gain a great kick-starter to your betting experience at HappyLuke!

5 Advantages of Online Gambling Sites

Wondering what will you gain if you start online gambling instead of traditional gambling? Here are the 5 reasons why online gambling sites are in for gamers, bettors, and players alike!

1. Online gambling sites are comfort zones

One of the advantages of online gambling sites is that they are easy to access. To elaborate on this topic some more, allow our team to share a brief online gambling history with you… Because the Ridotto, established in the 1600s said to provide a gambling environment where casinos started. This leisure activity has been a crowd fave, so it evolved and evolved and evolved.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Then in the early 1990s, a Free Trade & Processing Act from Antigua and Barbuda was passed—making it the official birth to online gambling history! This said act licensed organizations to open online casinos. From this online gambling history and on, it proliferated from place to place all over the world, and now we got online gambling 2021 circa! How amazing is the online gambling history, right!

With this… Can you imagine if times are still the same as the 17th century where the first casinos, thus, gambling was traced and never became online? You would have a hard time traveling from one casino to another! But in online gambling, you can place your bets and win jackpots anytime and anywhere! You just need your phone, your trusted gambling website, and the betting goes on! Very convenient!

2. Online gambling industry is easy to access

Now that you know the background of online gambling, you must probably know that the online gambling industry created such sites for easier and more accessible online gaming! Because here, using online gambling sites, no need to dress up anymore. No need to beat the traffic nor pay transport expenses, too.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Since online gambling sites are rampant in the virtual world, fun betting is right at your fingertips. Thanks to the online gambling industry, you have easy access to the games you wanna play already. The only thing you must do is to type online gambling, find the online gambling website that suits your preference and you are back to gambling!

3. Online gambling with real money – fast & secured

Basically, online gambling is a kind of gambling. This is almost the same as the actual and traditional casino. It’s just that, it is done online. So yes, legit online gambling sites have real money jackpots involved.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, online gambling with real money is faster, too! Since it is easy to access, fast money also comes on the other side. And actually, this is why the online gambling industry is now preferred at this present time. 

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Though there are still some who go to the casino, you can’t doubt that online gambling real money is faster to process and it saves so much time. Those transportation allowances that are budgeted from and to live casinos can be places to the online gambling games for more winning instead! 

Truly, online gambling games for real money would be favorable when it comes to the time and expenses involved. It is not just fast but also secured money. Such are the reasons why people are loving online gambling sites already.

4. Online gambling games selection

Here at this website, our hardworking team aims to provide tutorials and guides for both newbies and professional gamers who want to learn how to play online gambling games. Thus, provide the best online gambling websites as well, so readers can play but win at the same time.

Because of real talk, there are lots of online gambling games in the virtual world! Each online gambling platform has its own games they are proud of. But the most popular in the online gambling industry would be the sportsbook, live casinos, slots, poker, lotteries, peer-to-peers, and more!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Here online, you are not limited to a certain game. There are online gambling websites that offer multiple tables of games. Meaning, you can bet on one game while betting on the other. At online gambling, yes, that is possible! You do not just maximize your time while sitting in a comfortable place of your liking but doubles up your betting. Thus, winning here!

5.Online gambling apps – available for iOS & Android

To make online gambling much more comfortable, more accessible, faster, and easier, the online gambling industry has now taken off online gambling apps that would help every gamer and wager even better! Filled in these apps are a wide selection of games where you can place bets and win big money. 

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

The only difference here, you are already using an app, instead of a browser. Using online gambling apps avoids lags. It is more preferred to use online gambling apps than the browser because the quicker your medium is playing is, the quicker you get money, too! And of course, that is what everyone wants. So, go and install online gambling apps now!

4 Online Gambling Games You Should Play

There are lots of online gambling games a player can play. Such online gambling games vary from one form to another. As Wiki said, online gambling games could be sports betting, horse racings, casinos, slot games, even lotto, poker, bingo, and more. 

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Online gambling games also involve the so-called peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming where you can play with other players or your friends. Mobile gambling, in-play gambling, and advance-deposit wagering are also considered online gambling game forms.

Below are the 4 most popular online gambling games that you might want to try:

1. Sportsbook

Sportsbook betting is one of the online gambling games you should play! It is a kind of betting where a player wager on a sports tournament like football, basketball, volleyball, golf, and others. This is so fun to play because here, you are not just watching your favorite sports teams win, you could also win with them! 

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Top sports tournaments in sports betting

  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • NBA

Types of sportsbook games

  • Asian Handicap (HDP)
  • Over/Under (OU)
  • 1×2

2. Online casino

Another online gambling games to watch out for: online casinos! Of course, who would not love a traditional-turned-virtual casino, right? Same good old games, but done through online gaming is one of the genius works in the online gambling industry. Less hassle but similar fun. And sometimes, even more fun because of the free rewards and higher payouts!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Popular games in online casino

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Blackjack

3. Slots

Slots are also the must-play online gambling games you should play! You just need to match the symbols in one line and voila, you win! This would not just give you loads of money, but you would enjoy its graphics and interface! Plus, slots do not require some tactics, compared to a sportsbook and live casino. You just need your guardian angels and pure luck to bag the jackpot here!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Well-known slots providers

  • Microgaming
  • Play ‘N Go
  • Gaming Interactive
  • Qtech
  • Playtech

4. Poker

Last, but never least, this site suggests that you play Poker! There are different kinds of poker but, all of them give the same fun and excitement! Poker seems overwhelming for some, but you actually just need to wager your best hand against the other players by using the poker rules. It is just easy if you know the basics. Learn those to see how fun Poker is!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Popular types of poker

  • All-in
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha

Online Gambling Real Money with Lynk88

Now that you know the online gambling websites to bet on, online gambling games to try on, as well as the advantages of online gambling sites, Lynk88 just wants to tell you about online gambling real money through this site.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

It is a review platform for online gambling platforms and games. It is more on educating and giving information, tips, tricks, and the like. However, rest assured that you are placing money in the right hands through the 5 sister websites mentioned above. It trusts Fun88, W88, 188Bet, Happyluke, and 1xbet of all because these are websites for online gambling with real money. Legit!

Having to know that online gambling a kind of gaming online that involves betting, we know that it could be sneaky sometimes. Most online gambling games involve real cash, so it makes this thing a big matter. But rest assured, you gamers, online gambling real money and its partner websites are legal and legitimate.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

The purpose of the online gambling industry is to, of course, share games so players could play games and win the jackpot! Yes, online gambling for real money—as in having fun with online gambling games for real money—is all a wager opts to, so we are all here to help you with that!

Online Gambling Reviews: 5 criteria Lynk88 use to review

Since it supports certain online gambling platforms, as mentioned above, we would like to share with you the 5 criteria we use when doing online gambling reviews. With this, we could prove to you that Lynk88, as well as Fun88, W88, 188Bet, Happyluke, and 1xbet, are worth the online gambling real money!

1. Gaming products 

One of the criteria upon writing an online gambling review is the products of the website. Of course, It wants to see if these certain products and merch are good for the viewers like you. If these games would appeal well to you. If the quality of the games to be promoted are true and not just fake news.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Online gambling games and products are important when doing a legit online gambling review. This is where you would investigate the main stars of the websites, so it has to be detailed. And here, we make sure online gambling reviews for gaming products are full of truth and nothing short of honesty.

2. Deposit & withdrawal

Another criterion that opts for whenever online gambling reviews are happening would be the deposits and withdrawal. Of course, online gambling real money is involved, so we have to verify if it is legit in doing banking transactions like deposits and withdrawals. This is very crucial for everyone since it composes real cash, so we ensure that for you all.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Here, we also check the minimum deposit, maximum withdrawal, as well as the banks available for payouts if possible because deposit and withdrawal take a big place in online gambling reviews. This is to assure the readers and players that the online gambling websites they are playing with are safe and secured.

3. Free credits & promotions

Aside from checking websites that are meant for online gambling with real money, Lynk88 also wants its viewers to maximize every advantage possible through free credits and promotions. Of course, we would be happy to share with you the best free credits and superb promotions from different online gambling websites to help you up to your game!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Not all online gambling sites share free credits and promotions. But no worries! We have already listed the best online gambling platforms with the most amazing bonuses, prizes, and rewards. All the online gambling websites in the blog and the future posts would most probably offer great promos, so take note of this!

4. Interface & app

So aside from the games, banking transactions, and bonuses, Lynk88 also checks a website’s interface for online gambling reviews. It is important to see an online gambling website’s interface and test if it is fast or lag. Our team ensures that every website we would feature has a neat and immersive interface. Moreover, we even prefer online gambling sites with apps.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Online gambling platforms nowadays feature apps on their personal computers and mobiles instead of just browsers. Having an app means compacting your games and services in just one place, in a secured space. Therefore, this is also an important part of online gambling reviews.

5. Security & reputation

Together with Fun88, W88, 188Bet, Happyluke, and 1xbet, shares a good reputation in the online gambling industry. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather, flock together. And like Lynk88, it has partner and sister collaborators who are also doing the greatest job in the field of the online gambling industry! 

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Another fact! Lynk88 features online gambling reviews about one’s gaming products as well as its guidelines—like if online sports betting 18 years old is allowed, or the correct attitude towards casino gaming, etc. It also checks these kinds of things to ensure responsible gaming. 

The team wants not just legit online gambling with money, but also safe security and a respectable reputation. Linking from one gambling site to other online gambling platforms, we established a good rapport and reputation in the online gambling industry. This is why we are considered one of the best online gambling sites for reviews across the virtual world.

4 Tips to Win at Online Gambling Websites

Read these 4 tips to win at online gambling websites by Lynk88. These would help you win jackpots and loads of money for sure!

1. Choose the best online gambling websites and apps

When online gambling, choose the website or websites that click through you the best. Meaning, pick the online gambling platforms and apps that suit your preferred games, budget, even gadgets, and internet speed! Conduct quick research and find the best online gambling site for you. Even a mobile version of that online gambling website through an app. With this tip, you could control your wins better because you are at your best platform.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

2. Ready your game before playing the real thing

If you are already done with your background research, you could start reviewing the games you want to play. With this, you could develop gaming strategies and habits that you could use when playing the real game already. Note that there are free plays on some online gambling websites, so feel okay to use them.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

3. Collect bonuses and take advantage of promotions

If you want to win through online gambling, you should search for websites that offer easy wins and thus, easy promotions! There are lots of generous online gambling websites around, you just have to look for them. Common rewards involve daily, weekly, monthly, first-deposit, and welcome bonuses up to 100%!

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

4. Play within your means

Lastly, if you want to win online gambling, you just need to play within your means. Set a budget for playing. As well as a quota for winning. If you reach your budget and quota already, stop. Do not go beyond your means. You have to learn to wager responsibly because that is how you could win all the games you are gonna play.

Lynk88: A Go-To Review Platform for the Best Online Casinos

Lynk88 Online Gambling Reviews, Tips, Lists

When it comes to online gambling, it can be confusing to find out which casino or what game best works for you. But no worries anymore! Here at Lynk88 online gambling reviews, players and gamers alike can be guaranteed a convenient way of learning more about the best online plays, even tips, and hacks on how to win the trickiest casino games! 

What are you waiting for? Read now and explore the Lynk88 website!