August 11, 2022

Mercedes set out to create a unique concept car that could go 1000 kilometers (621 miles) on a single charge using a battery pack that was less than 100 kWh in size.

The end result was the EQXX, a coupe with a sleek exterior to match its cutting-edge inside. Usually, only a select group of people inside an automaker have access to these automobiles. Mercedes, however, made the decision to give us a test drive.

The EQXX’s off-the-line performance isn’t very impressive because it was built to fly through the air with as little drag as possible. Instead, after you reach highway speed, the power truly kicks in. Even so, the concept car is a high-performance machine with a futuristic vibe.

Mercedes doesn’t intend to put the EQXX into production, but the lessons it is learning today will eventually find its way into its cars.

Although this concept car won’t be sold, its technology will be used in subsequent models.

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