5 Tips for Choosing the Right External Hard Drive

5 Tips for Choosing the Right External Hard Drive

The hard drive is a storage media that must exist in computer components, without a hard drive then it is certain that the computer cannot operate and also cannot be used. There are many functions on hard drives that are usually to store various photos, files, applications, games, music and videos. Currently, at least the capacity of the hard drive is at least 320 Giga and above. Because in this day and age there are many games and other applications that require large storage space.

The problem is how about suddenly the capacity of the hard drive fullness because there are so many important files and videos that can not be uninstalled anymore. Then of course you need external storage media to be able to store your other files. But do not be careless also in choosing an external hard drive for you to use.

If indeed you want to choose and buy an external hard drive, then here are five ways that can be done in choosing and using the right external hard drive.

1. Adjust first to your needs.

Do not be original in choosing a hard drive for you to use, so just try to choose and buy an external hard drive that suits your current needs. For example, you are just someone who uses a computer just to store videos and games only. So just buy an external hard drive of 500 Gb with a price range of $ 60. For example, you are a photographer or a hobby in storing a lot of movies or videos. Then you can buy a hard drive measuring 1 or 2 tera that costs about $ 80.

2. Pay attention to the warranty on the hard drive.

Warranty on the use of the hard drive you need to pay attention and do not let you not get a warranty at the age of the hard drive, at the time the hard drive is damaged. Just try to buy external hard drives that have been popular brands such as Seagate, western digital and Hitachi that usually have provided a guarantee if the external hard drive is damaged. Choose also the length of the warranty provided by the vendor, which is at least 1 year of the warranty period.

3. Choose a high data transfer rate.

Usually, the data transfer rate from an external hard drive ranges from 100-200 MB / s. So the speed of the hard drive greatly affects its own performance, you definitely do not want to feel the computer’s performance becomes slow because of the data transfer speed that is not good than the external hard drive. Make sure the hard drive speed is in the range of 200MB / s or higher to support all your activities to work better when using external hard drives.

4. Choose an external hard drive by brand.

The hard drive brand can determine the quality of the hard drive itself, so you choose and just use a hard drive that already has a name such as Seagate, western digital and Hitachi which are recommended for people who want to buy an external hard drive.

5. Do not buy used external hard drives.

The external hard drive you use, so do not use it used. Yes, you should not buy a used hard drive. Because of the age and risk of the virus in it and the level of damage that occurs can be more likely, that you end up just throwing your money away for free. So try as much as possible to buy and use external hard drives in new conditions.

That’s some tips that you can do in choosing and using external hard drives so that you are more comfortable using the computer and your activities are not disturbed by the slowness of the hard drive used. Thanks.

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