5 Ways to Take Care of a Computer So It Doesn’t Break Down Quickly

5 Ways to Take Care of a Computer So It Doesn't Break Down Quickly

There is no doubt that computer PCs in this day and age, similar to smartphone media in general, are needed to work every day and there are many people in their homes who can have computer media. Pc computer that we love and of course you want to be able to take care of your computer from the level of damage that occurs, right?

Pc computers are used continuously and not noticed the condition, then over time will see a decrease in performance and eventually suffer damage that makes you can not use your computer pc anymore in working or playing your favourite games. So regular maintenance for personal computer PCs must be done to avoid the computer can suffer damage quickly.

Here are some ways that can be used to take care of the computer so that it is not damaged quickly.

Do not origin by turning off the computer.

Do not carelessly turn off your computer pc, later the result could be the computer experiencing a short circuit and can not be used anymore. The computer that is turned off by directly unplugged from the outlet, it will make the hardware in it damaged. So you just need to click the shutdown section on the start menu at the bottom left on the windows operating system computer. That way your computer will process itself to turn off all the devices running on it.

Do not like smoking when playing on the computer.

Cigarettes can be a disaster for computer PCs. The problem is that there has been a lot of hardware damage such as the keyboard, CPU, mouse and others caused by ash on cigarettes that fall around it. So the ashes of cigarettes are what can make computer damage can occur. Just try not to smoke when operating a computer to prevent cigarette ash that can damage computer components.

Check the cooling fan and make sure it rotates.

Cooling fans on the CPU of course should always be checked for conditions. Lest the cooling fan does not work optimally or even does not work at all, eventually causing the CPU to start to feel hot and cause damage to the CPU. So it should also be noted on this CPU cooling fan to always rotate well to cool the CPU temperature.

Don’t overclock.

Overclocking is a way for heavy gaming lovers who want to feel the performance of games that can run smoothly, by increasing the clock speed on the CPU and VGA. It could be that the game can run more smoothly without any fractures, but the level of damage to VGA components and CPUs will be most likely. So never try to overclock this kind if you want computer components not damaged quickly.

The power supply must be fulfilled power.

The power supply can be said to be an important tool to be able to make the electricity supply flow to all computer components without any obstacles. So the power of the power supply must be ensured that enough power and never use for a power supply that is not clear the brand and must be a quality one. The case that occurs in using a fake power supply is an explosion that occurs in computer components due to an unqualified power supply, which cannot adequately supply the power needed by computer components.


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