Customers who pre-ordered “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” can play the story a week early.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II"

Do you feel bad about playing a game’s single-player campaign on the day of its release, when everyone else is enjoying the multiplayer mode? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II relieves you of this obligation. Activision has announced that pre-order customers will be able to play the MW2 campaign beginning on October 20, a week before the game’s official release on October 28. You can complete the solo content before spending all of your time online.

As previously stated, pre-order purchasers also receive two days of early access to MW2’s open beta as well as immediate use of exclusive character and weapon skins. In addition to the Battle Pass for the first season, the Vault Edition includes characters and cosmetics playable in the open beta, Warzone, and the original Modern Warfare remake.

On September 15th, Activision will host a Call of Duty event that will last for several hours and provide more information on Modern Warfare 2 and the forthcoming Warzone, including its new mobile edition. Nevertheless, the early access to single-player gameplay demonstrates the company’s goals. While the company is committed to advancing the series’ plot, it views this current game as the basis for a new multiplayer experience.


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